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Even the most successful person craves endless amounts of content regarding productivity. How to get more done in less time. How to get the maximum output for the basic input. In this age of endless competition, we need not only to do our best, but do as much as we can and more with the assets we've got. Being a productive person will benefit us in every way. It will increase our chances of being successful. It will also benefit us and safe us time, money and hard work in the long run. Being a productive master should the mantra for all of us.

Discipline is the key. Disciplined people are self- aware, know their strengths and weaknesses and understand who they need to become to fulfil their goals. They apply discipline in each sphere of their life and have a well balanced life with time for everything. They have a clear mind and can apply in easily to expand their horizons further.

Multitasking- highly productive people learn how to properly multitask through proper preparation and finding little pieces of time to knock things of their list. They know how to allot specific time periods for different tasks and learn how to follow their timetable with whole heartedness. They try to work on related tasks together. The more similar they are, the easier it is to move fluidly between them. Using the appropriate technology- only use the technology that makes you more organised and productive. Keep it simple and choose wisely. Make sure that the technology that you use is well known by you and helps you be smarter.

Remember, time is precious and therefore, apt knowledge about relatable tech can prove to be very helpful. Working with your natural rhythms- Are you morning person? Then make sure to do most of the complicated tasks that require physical as well as mental powers. You will get more done just by working hardest at the times when you have the most energy in your day. Do not try and compare your level of progress with your colleagues because you have your own pace and your methods and following your natural rhythm is best way to move forward.

Set a target- Before beginning each task set an approachable target. It is important to list out your short term and long term goals. Short victories every day will make you ready for the ultimate battle. Qualities like compatibility, competence, fortitude, endurance will not be strangers to you anymore. You will feel confident after what you worked for and that is what matters for the time being.

Reward yourself- the idea of reward waiting for you at the end of each task is the best motivator. Motivation rarely happens by accident, and when it does, it rarely lasts for long. No matter what goal you set, never lose sight of your need for motivation as it will be the one thing that will push you through tough times. If your senses are ever going to be productive, it will only happen when you allow some time for your mind and body to compose them.

Your productivity guide is never going to be perfect. Nothing is going to happen in your life unless you make it happen.