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Here's reality: your adequacy at life isn't what it could be. You're passing up a great opportunity. Each day passes by and you don't have anything to prove that it even happened. Did you do accomplish something? Have a emotional breakdown? Learnt something amazing? Who knows? However, what you do know is that you would prefer not to commit similar errors that you've made in the past. However, you do repeat them again... know why? Because you aren't getting to the hidden lessons that life teaches you and you can only get them through journal writing. What can best provide us with a means to understand our past, present, and future? What can document our struggles, wins, relationships, and lives; clear our minds and serve as a canvas to which we can spill our thoughts into. What can do all of this and more? The answer is journal writing.

Here are the top reasons about why should you keep a journal:

• Journals make your conscious as well as your mind clear. It helps you to have better connection with your emotions, values as well as goals. When you write in a journal, you clear all the mental clutter and think deeply on every topic and writing these down makes them clear to you as well.
• Journals improve your overall focus. With a good connection to yourself, you know well enough about what to focus on, the positive insights and dreams, and to avoid the negative feelings and situations.

• They track your overall development. Journal writing allows us to see how we've changed over time, so you can see where you did things right, and you can see where you took a misstep and fell. The great thing about journals is that you'll know where that misstep was, and you can make sure it doesn't happen again—all because you made sure to log it, allowing you to learn from your mistakes.
• It's a judgement free zone. You can think and feel whatever you want to, without the fear being judged or laughed at. Think of your journal as a sacred space for you to pour out your deepest and darkest fears, joys and dreams. You might come to major epiphanies, or even just gather the strength to approach others with things that may need to be acknowledged aloud.
• Journaling is inexpensive, accessible and is easily self-managed. Journaling is like your own personal, cost free therapy. You can vent out anything you want and even get insights on your past achievement and mistakes. Its accessibility is so high and managing a journal may seem like a task in the beginning, but once you get away with the beginning, it becomes a habit.
• It's impossible not to grow when it comes to journal writing. That's what makes a journal such a powerful tool, whether it's about achieving goals, becoming a better person, or just general personal-development. No matter what you use it for, you'll eventually see yourself growing as a person.