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Remember when you were a child and kindergarten was a time to play and learn to tie your shoes? Well, times have changed and it seems like all we hear about today is the common core standards and how politicians are pushing for students to be "college ready." How can we make learning fun again? Here are some top tips for finding ways to have fun while studying – whatever the subject may be.

Some people have the gift of being able to concentrate even while listening to songs with tricky and compelling lyrics; some can even write an essay while singing along. Before you just go for your favourite songs, it’s probably worth considering whether you are one of those people.But if you can make this tip work, it does help a great deal. For most people, music without lyrics is a better option. That doesn’t necessarily mean Mozart – film soundtracks are fun and motivational. Incorporating anything that is hands-on is a great way to make learning fun! Try these simple science experiments that will have students exploring density and buoyancy, or try any of these five hands-on experiments. Before introducing any of these concepts use a graphic organizer to have students predict what they think will happen during every experiment they conduct.You can also try and ‘gamify’ your studies. It involves applying the principles of video games to studying. Incorporating the elements of video games that make them so interesting, such as design, narrative, leaderboards and reward schemes, is a way to make studying more fun, increase your motivation and develop superior productivity.

Studying with friends is a bit of a minefield. It can be motivating and helpful, as you share ideas that you might not have thought of individually. Or you can end up having so much fun that not much studying actually happens.Write in fancy fountain pen if that sounds like something you’d enjoy; it’s a bad idea to use it in your exam, but being forced to slow down a little when taking notes as you’re studying might help the information sink in better. Cover your notes in stickers if it means you’re more likely to reread them.

Engaging with studying and doing your best to find a subject interesting is hard work even if it comes naturally to you, so do remember to take breaks in order to refresh yourself. Figure out what length of break works best for you: some people like to take half an hour, but for others, a longer study period and a full hour’s break is better. For others, even half an hour is too much, and means they find it hard to go back to focusing on studying. Assess what suits you, and don’t do something a particular way just because it seems to work for your friends.