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Learning and Development is a subspace of HR directed at enhancing individual and group performance by elevating and accelerating skills and knowledge. It is a key HR function aimed at developing additional skills to make the employee more competent at their current job to increase the productivity. One has to constantly update themselves with the new findings and trends of the corporate world considering that technology is overtaking the human mind at a fast pace. The training program is designed by aligning the individual and company’s vision and goals to keep them focused on the same track. For training to be effective, it has to be a planned activity conducted after a thorough need analysis and target at certain competencies.

Training focuses on the current competency of the employee whereas development implies creating opportunities for the employee to help them grow for future responsibilities. On-the-job training, workshops and L&D technology are beneficial for the employees. It helps the employees prepare to face the challenges better in the workplace and the market. It increases efficiency processes and directly improves the productivity for employees. It helps them gain a competitive edge over others and improves their necessary skills sets, team work, problem solving skills and enhances communication. It empowers them to take the challenges head on independently. Employees experience improved satisfaction and morale.

They find themselves as valuable assets to the company and put in their best efforts to get good results to return the time that the company invests in them. It is extremely vital to create a healthy and positive work environment for better learning.

Learning and Development ensures big returns in engagement, productivity, efficiency, agility and innovation if followed well. The onus falls on the human development department to take a proactive leadership role in responding to training and business needs.