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The performance and attitude of employees can result in the success or failure of your business and therefore they are the biggest asset of an organization. The most difficult part of any manager's job is people management. The burden of leading, motivating, training, inspiring and encouraging the employees falls on the manager. Along with this, they are also responsible for hiring, firing, disciplining, training and evaluating. These functions seem to be at odds, but a successful manager can integrate both the positive and negative aspects of these tasks to create a positive, productive work force.

A manager should embody a certain set of skills to prove successful. A good manager will be as clear as possible in what they say and they will make sure that all employees understand. Clear communication encompasses a wide range of skills, including your ability to persuade others and get others to listen to your ideas along with the clarity of what you say. A manager should be flexible enough to adjust quickly to changing circumstances. They should also understand there is more than one way to complete a task and their approach might be different from the one adopted by others to do it. Being a manager is all about trust. You have to trust that your team members have the business’s best interest at heart. You should be transparent with employees and let them know what’s going on. In turn, they’ll be more engaged and regard you as a better leader.

As a person in a leadership position, you should always live by the maxim: "We were given two ears, but only one mouth, for a reason." The bulk of your activity, then, should be listening rather than talking.One of the reasons leaders are ineffective is because they’re all over the place.At the start of every month or quarter, outline areas that are disorganized and confusing, and strategize on ways they can be improved. One be a good leader, you have to give feedback to your employees, especially praise and rewards. When you’re praising an employee, be specific. Create a feedback system.

Managing people isn’t easy, which is why many leaders spend significant time investing in their skills. If you acquire the needed skills, you’ll become the kind of leader you want to be– one who inspires, ignites, and builds your team.