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It is the process of the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behaviour. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Many things in our world today promote living outside the moderates. The all you can eat buffets, unlimited mobile plans and always available movies and TV encourages you to utilize things much more than you actually require. Competition, in the education areas as well as the business world makes you overwork just to move ahead. This is why moderation is especially required in today’s age.

Living a life of moderation will allow you to find the balance in your life and enjoy it too. It will allow you to do each and every thing just enough so that you have time for everything, including relaxation. Too much of a bad thing is obviously the worst, but even too much of a good thing ruins it. If you wish to exercise daily, don’t solely make it the purpose of you day. Try incorporating it in your routine. If you have a holiday, don’t sleep all day even though you may be really tired. Sleep at the designated time and do some other leisure activity. The opposite of moderation is extreme. In one type of extreme you tend to only the one thing with your resources and time while in the other extreme, you may not even pay a little attention to it and avoid it completely. Even in reading this you get how wrong this is. So how can you bring moderation to your life? Start by making a list of things you wish to accomplish in a day, month or a few years. Plan it accordingly. You will be aware of things you want to do and give time to each one.

Don’t assume any of those tasks to be less or greater than the other. Of course some so require more time than the others but focusing on each of them should be your priority. Now, plan a routine and stick to it. This is where the actual moderation comes into use. Make sure you do all the things daily, so you don’t need to sort through piles of these on the weekends. An hour or 30 minutes a day don’t see so much as 5-6 hours on the weekend. It might seem tough in the beginning, but as you move through the week, you will feel yourself at ease. You might go off track sometimes, but that is okay. Some unexpected events, like a sudden emergency in health or an exam or project at might appear, and it would require all your attention. But think about it. If you were already doing the moderation thing in your routine, this task should not be such a big deal. So start the journey of bringing moderation to your life and see yourself flourishing towards your goals, whilst maintain good health and personal relations.