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These are the non-verbal communication which uses actions as opposed to words to express or convey information. We can reveal our true feelings and emotions via this, for instance, when we are inattentive or feeling lousy, we have a bad posture. When we are nervous, we become fidgety and move a lot. When we like someone, we lean towards them and try maintaining eye contact. We can easily know someone's true feelings if we pay attention to their nody language. Whether we like it or not, our body language works itself out anyhow and will tell things that we won't necessarily like sharing. So, its likely that you would like to have a control over your body language as well understand that of people around you. It can help us to understand the complete message of what someone is trying to say to us, and to enhance our awareness of people's reactions to what we say and do. Observe people silently. Look at the way they are sitting. The position of their hands and legs. How are they reacting to certain topics in your conversation. If they're sitting with folded hands and eager eyes, they are being protective of themselves. If they're looking time and again at their watch, they're being time conscious, or they have a place to be. If they're gazing at something else, they have something else on their mind. These are situations that certainly require you to maintain a good body language. For your body language, here are some points to ensure you project a positive body language which add great strength to verbal message or idea you are trying to give out. In case of giving a first good impression, make sure you have an open, good posture, don't slouch at all.

Maintain a good eye contact too. Make sure not to gaze into the space. Also, avoid touching your face too much, as it gives off a person as being dishonest. While publically speaking, again maintain a good sitting or standing posture. Try using the open hand gestures which give a vibe of willingness to communicate and share ideas. Try making eye contact with the audience and leaning forward while making a point. Make sure not to move your hand around too much as it distracts the audience.

During interviews and interrogations, it is especially important to maintain a good body language. There are people there specially for judging you on that. Use the mirror approach. If you can, try to imitate the person you're taking to in regard with his body language. This will make him feel more at ease. Relax your body. Try to calm your body. Don't move too much. This one is obvious, but look interested. Make eye contact and react accordingly to the stuff you are speaking or the type of conversation you're having.

Always remember you communicate 7 percent from your words, 38 percent from your tone and about 55 percent from your body language. So learn to control it and get your point across completely.