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A common mindset among parents is to expect their child to live the life they had dreamt of, to aspire to achieve the goals that they had failed to meet and follow the unsaid codes set by the family and society with regard to choices and careers. Parents should support their child to live the life that the child was created to lead. Cutting the apron strings is no longer a painful ordeal when you understand that you are unique and has your unique talent to contribute to the world.

Your role in society can be of value when you know your talents well and are proficient in using them. Encourage yourself to express freely. Make mental notes of how she socialises and maintains relationships. Think beyond exams and find out if you have a knack for the arts. Explore if you have any unconventional fields of interests. Understand your patterns of thinking, observation, discussion and resolving matters. You will begin to notice your uniqueness and specialities. These are your talents and these need to be honed. You may want to use someone as a sounding board to gain more insight into your undiscovered talent. Take the help of your grandparents, aunts and uncles, older cousins, teachers, childcare providers and close family friends. Listen to their opinions and try to establish which of your observations are correct. This will help you avoid unnecessary deviations in your path to discovering your talents. Try your hand at visual arts, drama, singing and other activities available in your locality and at school.

Although the world seems to have become a money-hounding machine, keep in mind that your success in life is largely based on your happiness and sense of accomplishment. Therefore, support your own choices and interests in every way you can. If you're a sensitive, creative person who is good at fulfilling other people's needs and forget to pay attention to our own, in time you may become less creative and lose confidence and motivation.

Refresh and Restore Yourself. Take time to brainstorm, daydream, meditate and restore balance. Practice energy enhancing activities — yoga, tai chi, meditation, restorative music, and positive affirmations. When you have a busy day working on a project, set the timer several times throughout the day to remind yourself to get up from your work area, in order to exercise, stretch, eat something healthy, or go outside and commune with nature.

Stay True to Your Priorities. Do you fail to get your priorities completed? If so, periodically, throughout the day, ask yourself whether the activity you're doing is urgent or important. If neither, check your priority list and move on to something that is much more productive, positive and healthier. Embrace Your Financial Value Many artists I know undervalue their worth. My advice is, keep a log of your time spent in your studio and record time spent on each art work.