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There was a friend of mine in school. He somehow got into the wrong crowd in high school and started alcohol consumption and substance abuse. He was such a brilliant student and a good looking boy. Slowly, he began to deteriorate. He started skipping school, hanging out with a different set of friends, started becoming aggressive and irritable too. The adults around him, as well as some of his old friends begged him to stop and to concentrate on himself and his studies. He ignored them and continued with his faux pas. This continued for about 3 years. There were warnings too for him to change, like when he almost had a car accident under the influence of alcohol, or when he started losing grades as well as his personality. Then came our boards, where he did somehow managed to study and was confident enough to sit for the exams. It was our second exam, and his right hand thumb went numb and he could not write anything. He went to the hospital and was told by the doctors that years of chemical abuse had let to this. He lost all feeling in that area of his hand. He chose not to change, so he was changed.

Change is the only constant. Be it us or the things around us. It will inevitably happen, but we do have a choice there. Either we can take charge, make this change ourselves and be fully culpable to the consequence or let it unfold itself. There are often warnings that divulge us about something that needs change. Charles Darwin's concept of natural selection, which dates back to 1850s, outlines the same concept. You survive only when you undertake the changes around you and alter yourself according to it.

Be it a business, a product, a trend or even a concept, it works and endures only when it changes with time, else it gets demolished. The Britishmonarchy changed itself with time, became accommodating and more open and hence is still surviving in the UK, but in India, they didn't change. They were unwilling to accommodate and hence were changed and had to leave India. Change is good, not bad. It's bad only if you refuse to change. You will then be forced to change, and that is what you won't like. Life is a catch-22 situation with change as the main element, and we are bound to face it and embracing the change is what can help us through. Change is hard at the beginning, definitely messy in the middle but at the end? It's gorgeous.

Being said all that, there are some changes out of our control. Knowing we can't prevent bad things from happening, we worry about them anyhow. We fret about everything from deadly diseases to natural disasters. These worries often keep us occupied, ultimately wasting our energy and time. Before we let the worries get to us, we should take a minute to examine if we can control it. We can't stop the storm from coming, but we can prepare for it.

In conclusion, I would like to quote Winston Churchill, "To improve is to change. To be perfect is to have changed a lot." Be open to change and you shall see your life being open to you indeed!