Why Political Consulting

Political consulting deals with advising and assisting political campaigns. Political consultants manage opposition research, voter polling, field strategy and much more. A political campaign comprises strategic, tactical, operational and tactical aspects. Tactical analysis deals with managing areas such as district or village, where as strategic campaign studies political environment. Political management is visionary task which balances political dynamics and voter behaviour.

Our Team

Our team works with candidates, campaigns and political parties at local, state and national level. We carry SWOT analysis on candidates, to eliminate weakness while enhancing his/her strengths. We coach candidates on how to project him/her as voters leader. We make sure the candidate has full grasp and understanding of issues, policies and current affairs. We prepare them for media interactions, or visibility on any public platform.

We provide below services

• Political polls design, implementation and analysis
• Perform issue research/opposition research
• Research driven development agenda
• Media management
• Fund raising awareness
• Information handling
• Political crisis management