Why Marketing

Marketing helps in creating strategies to capitalize on opportunities, choosing right alternative for creating demand, to determine the optimal marketing mix; and evaluating marketing programs to constantly improve performance. Right marketing helps business grow. It determines what should be offered to whom, how to position it, at what price and how should this achieve overall business goals.

Our Team

Our team uses analytical tools, to map customer needs to market requirements and then to align them to with target customers. We focus in establishing marketing objectives, strategies. We try to integrate offline and digital marketing as much as possible.

• marketassessment : Uncover the strategic opportunities for Customer, Competitor and Company.
• Segmentation : Conduct internal workshop, market research to have planned strategic development.
• Targeting : Define the most attractive segment depending on size and growth.
• Positioning : Strategic positioning will produce most credible offerings.
• marketing plan development : Defining the market mix (5Ps) together with customer acquisition and retention delays.