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When you look around at the world, there are many people that you would consider as heroes. They can be your parents, teachers, businessmen, leaders, actors etc. Some you're lucky enough to interact with every day, you know them personally, others you've admired from a distance, reading their books, learning from their example. It's safe to say that without these people in our lives we would not be where we are today, they provide the knowledge, the skills, and the tools to take on the world with their experience and knowledge. They act as a guiding entity and a as a mode of inspiration. Their lives and endeavours make us want to walk the same path. But what they cannot do is push us through the door. They can show us the path but it is upon us to walk on the walk and face the problems that we are encountered with.

They can help you build your wings, but they can't make you fly, for that you have to look inward, to the most important hero in your life, which is and should only be you. The one who can save you from any situation, who can take you to heights that you've never dreamed of, turn your dreams to reality and always be by your side. Living life from behind your eyes, you are the protagonist, and you are the author. Some might say you are the co-author with destiny or with your higher power. You see, on every hero's journey, the hero gets lost. The hero nearly dies. The hero wants to give up. It's an essential part of the journey, in fact. If you are lucky, you will find your way back quickly, or after a little time.

Some people get lost for so long they forget what it was like to be themselves. You know the ones–people who once walked in their full power but now sag beneath the weight of their disappointments and losses. Sometimes the pain in life can seem too much to bear, and there are those among us who suffer harder, maybe even feel deeper. Pain is inevitable, but suffering–the story we tell ourselves about the pain–is optional.

A hero is someone who's willing to take the dangerous road, to go where most people will not, to put everything on the line for what you believe in. Heroes, by their very nature, are exceptional, expect that of yourself. Know that just because everyone sees something a certain way, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be challenged or adjusted. You are an innovator, striving towards something new and Heroes don't run from the unknown, they seek it out and find the strength to embrace it.

Victory is a product of struggle, of pain, of the times when the walls were closing in around you but there was never a doubt in your mind that you'd get yourself out. Once you've decided that you want it, that you truly want it, you'll know that you'll find success because you know that you'll do whatever it takes. Heroes don't quit and having this faith in you. It brings a sense of power, of adrenalin. There is nothing you can't do, nothing you can't overcome.

Sam Raimi said, "When we read stories of heroes, we identify with them. We take the journey with them. We see how the obstacles almost overcome them. We see how they grow as human beings or gain qualities or show great qualities of strength and courage and with them, we grow in some small way."

We all have a unique gift that is striving to come alive in us, and that is the call. After the call is answered, then comes the initiation. This is where we start testing the hero in us.

So be your own person, live with courage, and follow your heart. It will never lead you astray.