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"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily."-Zig Ziglar

Some days you wake up motivated and ready to go. And some days things feel heavy as you arise and it is hard to get going and find that inner drive. To be honest: We have trouble keeping the fire lit. (It's so much easier to sit back and think about all the things we're going to do... eventually.)To stay motivated, we knew we needed some outside help. It sure as hell is not easy and neither is it quick. But it is worth will to be willing to bet it'll be worth it. And the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing just one of our goals? Enough to keep us taking baby steps toward everything else on our list.

Here are some ways to motivate yourself:

Just get started and let the motivation catch up with you. You don't have to wait for motivation to get started. If you want to work in a consistent way every day then sometimes you just have to get going anyway. And the funny thing is that after you have worked for a while things feel easier and easier and more fun and the motivation catches up with you.

Start small. All of the experts recommend establishing a baseline of what your reality is so you can aim for progress you can actually make happen—for example, not saying you'll get up at 6 a.m. when you hate mornings. To accept that reality in the most positive way, tick off a few things you're grateful for while still in bed, says Duesenberg.
Look your excuses in the eye. Excuses are man's best friend and greatest enemy, says Bernie Roth, author of The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life. The trick is to look at them straight on (are you really too tired to work out, or do you just want to watch The game of thrones?), and go from there."If you see you're using an excuse, just correct yourself. Next time it comes up, you'll probably do it again—but after a few times, you'll stop. But if you believe your own baloney reasons, you'll never change your behaviour," Roth says. "It's really a matter of telling yourself the truth."
Get motivation from the people in your life. Spend less time with negative people who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things. And spend more of the time you have now freed up with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you.
Get the motivation from people you don't know. Don't limit yourself to just the motivation you can get from the people closest you. There is a ton of motivating books, podcasts, blogs and success stories out there that you can tap into to up or renew your motivation.
Be constructive about the failures. To make your setbacks more valuable and less hurtful be constructive about them. When you stumble ask yourself: what is one thing I can learn from this setback? Then keep that lesson in mind and take action on it to improve what you do.
Remind yourself of why you are working toward this. When you're feeling unmotivated and low in energy it's easy to lose sight of why you're doing something. So take 2 minutes and write down your top 3 reasons for doing this work, getting an education, working out, saving that extra money or something else. Put that note where you can see it every day or keep it in your smartphone for easy access when you need a motivational boost.
Reward yourself and celebrate your successes (no matter how big or small they are). If you're looking forward to a nice reward that you're getting yourself after you're done with a task or a project then your motivation tends to go up. If you celebrate a success in some other way by for example by taking 1 minute to appreciate what you did or by telling someone about your success then that also usually recharges motivation and positivity.