Blog: Personality Development

There are two children in a room doing exactly the same thing, yet you end up watching one more than the other. Has this ever happened to you?
Ever wondered why this happens or what makes one more noticeable than the other? It’s the personality. The person with a stronger personality takes over our attention from the other one.
Now think and be honest to yourself when I ask, which of the two people are you in the room?
I was the unnoticeable one of the two for a long time in my life. I didn’t know what personality meant and for many years, it didn’t bother be much. From being the second fiddle to my cousins to being the invisible one in the classroom, it had always been that way.
On the last day of school, my friends were making plans to take a weekend holiday and no one asked for my suggestion or opinion, something felt weird. For the first time in my life I realized that my presence didn’t matter. The thought that they are my friends and if I didn’t matter to them, then how and why will I to anyone else in the world. This thought shook me and jolted me.
I promised to myself, not anymore. This has to and will change. From now on, if I am there, then it will be as much about me in a group as about others.
I started reading books on self help. It gave me tips on things I should do to develop my personality. The word personality came as a surprise to me as till this time I never paid any attention on working on it or developing it.
After researching and slowly working on my own, I understood that personality development helps an individual to develop and enhance self confidence and high self esteem to conquer any situation. I got more interested in this topic as that’s what I intended to do, prepare myself for every challenge by defeating my fears.
If your story is similar to mine, then it’s time to take action as the world is becoming competitive by the day and thus, the importance to train oneself to stay afloat, fight or overcome this challenging environment a necessity.
At Growth Best, we provide training that will refine and perfect your personality. Sometimes, it is because of lack of exposure or absence of initiatives from our own selves, or at times its the circumstances and situations that make us into the people we are.
Nonetheless, having gone through this myself, I believe that everyone has a personality that has a tendency to shine and make an impression and our company is determined towards honing yours.
Our personality development training provides theoretical as well as, practical knowledge. The training program includes basic modules like knowing yourself, developing reading and writing skills, exploring the creativity of a person to understanding of body language and gaining public speaking confidence and any more. We do this by starting from basic understanding and later with role plays, an important aspect of this program.
This training is ideal for all age groups. In fact, we believe, the younger you are, the more you benefit from this course as the initial years are the formative years of a child. The personality that a child develops during these years, then becomes a natural part of his/her life. However, we also believe that it’s never too late to get trained as personality has nothing to do with age.
The need of training in today’s day and age has changed tremendously. From being a word that was commonly associated with sports to later, dieting (you train your mind to eat less ), personality training or development has now become important for every person.
The time is now, we believe you have it. Let’s get started.